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Finding an Eye Care Provider


Select your country from the list below. You will then be directed to a map of all locations in your country. Specs4Us suggest you call the location in advance to ensure they have a variety of colors and sizes available. All accounts are able to order on "patient approval", this allows our providers to order specific frames, so your loved ones can receive the best fitting Erin's World frames!

Check out the catalog before you call!

Can't find an Erin's World provider near you? 

Specs4Us would love to work directly with your favorite local eye care professional. Email us at or call 1-800-586-1885 for more information, we would be happy to contact them for you!

*NOTE If you are on a smartphone or mobile device:

After selecting your country below, you must tap your country's name at the bottom of the map to view the locations.

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