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Model EW-01
Model EW-02
Model EW-03
Model EW-03
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Model EW-05
Model EW-06
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Model EW-08
Model EW-09
Model EW-09
Model EW-09
Model EW-11
Model EW-11
Model EW-12
Model EW-13
Model EW-14
Model EW-15
Model EW-15
Model EW-16

"Hello!  This is [my daughter], she is 4 1/2 years old and has had her Erin's World Frames for about 6 months.  Her therapists in preschool say that she works extra hard now that she can see better and doesn't mind her glasses at all!  Thank you for making a pair to fit her just right." (Parent, 2019)

My darling son lost his glasses about 2/3 weeks ago. I knew they were at home *somewhere* but just couldn't find them. Today I drove home, walked behind my car and there they were! We've been driving over them for the last few weeks. Despite being extremely flat, they seemed to be in otherwise good condition. I was so happy to discover that they bent right back into shape! 5 stars for toughness and durability!  -T. Roozendaal  (Parent)

You have a customer for life! It was an answer to prayer to find a solution for frames that fit Thomas. Thank you so very much!  -Sara (Parent)                         

When I was 3 I needed glasses so my mommy got me really cute pink ones. I hated them! They would always slip down my nose so I would take them off and hide them. Mommy did some research and found Specs4us and got me some Erin’s World frames. I love them! I keep them on because they fit me so perfectly and they are really comfortable! My glasses help me see so much.  -Jessica (Happy Customer)

I had such a hard time finding glasses for my little one. Specs4Us worked with our optometrist and now they have these frames available at all of her offices. Thanks for making such amazing frames that fit her perfectly!  -C. Turner (Parent)                                 

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