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How can I get the Erin's World frames?

Click here or visit our "Frames Near You" tab. Select your country and state, then find the nearest location to you. If we do not have an office listed in your area, email or call us with the information about your favorite eye-care professional and we will contact them on your behalf.  Phone 800-586-1885

Are you an eyecare professional? Click here!

Will the Erin’s World Frames work for my infant?

Yes, Erin’s World frames fit infant through adult; our smallest eye size is a 33 in model EW-06! 

I am an adult; can I get Erin's World frames?

Yes, Erin's World frames are available in adult sizes up to eye size 54! 

Check out our catalog to find the perfect frame for you!

How do Erin’s World frames compare to typical frames?

Erin's World frames have a lower bridge and temple placements giving them a wider frame front, we suggest sizing down from your current typical size, Erin’s World frames are designed to help provide a proper, comfortable fit.


Can I donate my old frames?

Absolutely, once you donate your frames, Specs4Us will completely refurbish them and donate to patients in need around the world. 

What address do I use to contact Specs4Us?

PO Box 465

Burton, OH. 44021

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